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Kate with barrel

Fraser USFS outpost 1980

1980's Fraser Ranger Station

Ranger station 1980's Fraser

Stairway portage

1947 Cadillac

Larry with Food Barrel Pack


Grandma L-Basswood Falls

kids at lower basswood falls

cooking on a barrel

Kitchen Hanger on tree

SPOT example

August Lake Four-2012 growing back

New growth on Lake Four Site

Lake Four-May 2012 Not burned

Lake Four Site May 2012-burned but open

Lake Four site not burned May 2012

Burned but opne-site on Lake Four-May 2012

Site on Point-Lake Three-May 2012

Lake Two-Three Channel May 2012

Lake Three-Looking at the channel to Lake Two

Dishes on Canoe-Suz and Shorty

Timberline Outfitter 6 in LR

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