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Limelight 3 in LR

Fraser Island-1984-Sandy-Coco

Fraser cabin 1984-Coco-Star-Lori

smaller Duluth for barrel

Site w-hanger and canoe table

Paddle Hanger

Lori Solo

Lake 4 Burn Rock

New growth and GL

Lk 3 double rainbow

Latrine on Lk 3 site

Three site-east of channel

First Site on Three on West side

South side of Two

Lk 2 south side b-4 pass through

Kiwishiwi Lodge Dock

Larry - Snowbank 3-26-12-Ice

Lake Jeanette Lake side site

walker at top of stairs-Fenske

group camp area at Fenske Lake Camp Ground

Richman morning paddle-Birch Lake

Paddle only landing

Loading boat for tow

Tow on Moose-all in boat

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