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Cedar Strip Canoe Project: Merlin (47 photos)

Selvage edge of fiberglass cloth

v) off the molds

u) Epoxy 3rd coat

Looking from stern

t) Epoxy 3rd coat

Looking from bow

s) fairing the hull

Bringing her lines to the surface

r) Stern stem nearly fair

q) Stems on

Ready for fairing

p) Hull closed 12/15/2010

o) Closing up plank by plank

December 4, 2010

n) bow bevel 2

m) bow bevel

l) Creating the rolling bevel

k) seven strips side view

j) seven strips bow view

i) Beveling inner stem

Sand paper-on-a-stick method

h) Fair lines of the molds

g) stern stems glued up

using System III and wood flour

f) Inner and outer stems for stern

Inner of cedar. Outer of ash

e) Steaming the stems

d) Stern to center molds

c) Bow to center molds

Stem cut for addition of interior stem

b) Strong back

I generally followed the plans in Moores book

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