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Cedar Strip Canoe Project: Chestnut Ranger (63 photos)

stems bent and glued

seat hangers

Bow deck

Canoe with trim

Kendra learning to paddle

Constant shop companion

08-28-2012 Trim work done

06-17-2012 2nd coat finished

06-16-2012 finish wet-up

06-16-2012 smoothing out the wrinkles

06-13-2012 ready for glass

05-24-2012 Off the molds and free

05-24-2012 Toast to last day on the molds

05-11-2012 Exterior glassed

04-20-2012 looking sweet

one pass with 80 grit in the RO

04-15-2012 Stern stem faired

04-13-2012 staples pulled and stems glued on

04-08-2012 Dados cut

04-06-2012 Sheer lines cut

03-27-2012 Bottom closed

03-25-2012 Shaping the last plank

03-20-2012 closing time is near

5 planks to go

03-15-2012 Five planks into closing

03-08-2012 cedar curl

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