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Quetico 2008 (63 photos)

naked guys

pickerel lake

moose skull from oriana lake

sand beach on pickerel

Pickerel Lake, Quetico 2008

sheryl hugging dickful

white pine on pickerel

bay off Bisk lake

looking west down Pickerel

view from the inside

Pickerel lake sand beach site


Jean Creek

Quetico lake site

9/17 cool rocks, Quetico lake campsite

maple tree, French lake campground

Moose on the French River

plotting our next move

campfire on Russell lake

heart stump on portage around chatterton falls

Jean Creek beaver dam

Jean Creek

Jean Creek start from Sturgeon

Leave only footprint, Pickerel lake

Sturgeon lake sand beach

Taking a rest, Olifaunt portage

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