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Moose on Nina Moose River South

UP Boy

While my son and I were paddleing all over the lake looking for fish this guy sat at camp and fished off the bluff with leaches and landed these nice fish.

Tent pad and fire pit

Along the Dahlgreen River

One of the nices rivers I've been on. I'll be back

Dalgreen River Portage

Falls at the end of the first Stuart lake to Boulder Bay portage

Bridge to Nowhere

the water level was low for us in July 2010 so we kept walking


one of the several it possible to have too much landing?

Fire grate area NE 5 star site on Stuart lake

nice fire grate with a great view

Sunset viewing bench

extra area on the site for viewing the sunset

Mud bath landing on Stuart River

this is the landing on the second portage on the trail to Stuart Lake

UP Boy and Sons

UP Boy and sons Nick and Zach. the best tripping partners an man could ever ask for

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