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BW2011 Gunflint Trail to Ely (71 photos)

10/4/2011 portage to sema from south arm of knife

relatively little elevation change, grassy cover over rocks, trees, stumps making solid footing difficult. lots of wild strawberries on this portage! also the only portage we saw fresh moose tracks.

10/4/2011 portage to sema from south arm

the pink flagging tape was still across this portage with the closure notice. i broke the tape since we knew we could travel this way.

10/4/2011 south arm to sema

wenonah boundary waters at rest. very sandy bottom at this portage landing. south arm of knife to sema.

10/4/2011 sunrise

sunrise on south arm of knife.

10/3/2011 south arm of knife site

sunset nite 2. had to wait until after sunset to start cooking lobster.

10/3/2011 south arm of knife site

10/3/2011 south arm of knife site

grouse, one of two really fat birds hanging out with us.

10/3 south arm of knife site

big pine tree on our peninsula site on south arm of knife.

10/3 south arm of knife campsite

one of many trails through the campsite leading nowhere.


south arm of knife lake, nite 2, looking southeast toward the portage to Eddy lake.


bottom came off my shoe on this portage so i used a bungee deelie bob to hold it on until it could be fixed with 2 part epoxy.


portage from Annie to Jenny

10/2/2011 sunset on Ogish

1st night campsite, nice sunset

10/2/2011 ogish site

Eureka Mountain Pass w/2 vestibules! fits on the small pad, island site across from the portage to Mueller.

10/2/2011 portage landing Ogishkemuncie coming from Kingfisher

wow! was all we could say when we came over the hill and saw this scene.

10/2/2011 portage landing Jasper to Kingfisher

notice these two cedar trees are scarred with hatchet marks, probably from early travel days, to mark the portages for travelers and/or trappers.

10/2/2011 Jasper lake

stop for lunch. new growth is slow to come to this lake. the west end looks a bit better.

10/2/2011 portage landing alpine to jasper

water levels very low! we got out of the canoe out past the biggest rock in the photo.

10/2/2011 portage seagull to alpine

this is the alpine portage 5 years after the Cavity lake fire. lots of new growth: aspen, white pine, jackpine, balsam. not much canopy, kinda hot, about 60 degrees at 1015 am

10/2/2011 Eagle in tree

this eagle was perched in tree on the campsite in previous photo.

10/2/2011 Seagull lake campsite

we didn't stay here but this looks like a nice site.

10/2/2011 Seagull lake

8:30am launch on Seagull lake. what great lake conditions to start trip! took us 2.15 hours to get to the alpine portage from blankenburg landing.

10/2/11 Loaded

wenonah boundary waters 44# 3 packs, each just under 50#

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