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Beartrap to Sunday Portage landing

Beartrap to Sunday portage landing

Malburg Lake

site by the Fern Lake poratge - lots of cedar trees, good landing, fire grate was right next to the water, faces west. 4 Star

Amber Lake Campsite

nice beach nixto to the Amber lake campsite -

Amber Lake Campsite

Great 5 star site on Amber Lake

Square Lake

large beaver damn before Square Lake. Low water after damn - may need to portage around the low water. Portage takeout is to the right of this photo before the damn

Square Lake portage

The portage betweeen Square lake and Kawasaschong lake gets a bit longer the later you go in the summer. This photo was taken the first week in August '08 and was already 20 rods longer.

Friday Bay south

Fishing from the site was good - the site was only a 2 or 3 star - no shade, but a good one when the bugs were bad and the wind was blowing

Friday Bay - far south site

Friday Bay far south site - looking south

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