June 2011 (81 photos)

False Lily of the Valley

Wild Sarsaparilla

Bluebead Lily



B at Caribou campsite

Packing up on Caribou

Caribou fire

Roasting mallows on Caribou

Horseshoe lunch campsite from water


L at Horseshoe lunch campsite 2

L at Horseshoe lunch campsite

View from Horseshoe shore lunch campsite

Shore lunch at a Horseshoe Lake campsite

Caribou campsite 3

Caribou campsite 2

Caribou campsite as seen from tent pad area

Another view of tent with vestibule

Tent with homemade vestibule, fly on tent

Caribou campsite

Cooking at Caribou campsite

use for bungee dealee bobs

Painted turtle

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