Default Journal

Viking longship

Kabar rigging knife

PJC w/ Flashback models 1 & 2

The Mad Trapper

Blackhawk Nighthawk

Purple Mad River Outrage

Mad River Flashback model 2

In my Mad River Fantasy

Me & the boss heading downstream.

Fall 2017

Old Town H2Pro

Old School whitewater solo

Old Town H2Pro at it's new home

Mohawk XL13

Canoe rack

Cave spring on Current river.

Old mill wheel

Jesus is coming.............Not in that bus he ain't!!!

Taking a break..........

Pedestal with custom cover

Dagger Encore

NOT happy!!!

Two of a kind; raw power.

Duggae & Roxie

Dam breach on the Saint Francis

Gandalf & 2 Hobbits

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