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The Essence of Canoe Country

Secret Lake

Secret Lake - Quetico

September 2005

Lower Basswood Falls

April 30, 2006

Spring Reflection

Sandpit Lake, May 2, 2006

On Kahshahpiwi

September 2005


Suzanette-Conmee Portage September 2005


Suzanette-Conmee Portage September2005

Monster on Kawnipi

July 2007

Snowshoeing to Angleworm December 30, 2007

Prairie Portage Sept 2005

Fall Colors

One of the portages between Brent and Earl, Quetico, on a very rainy fall day, late September 2005

Ho Ho, Helen, and Larsen

Getting Ready to Launch, Sept. 2066

Fully Loaded SRQ 18.5

David, Larson, Helen and Ho Ho, Sept 2006


McKenzie Bay, July 7, 2007

Big Rice Lake Rock

On the portage from Hook Lake, May 2005

Pickup Sticks

Second Portage from Kahshahpiwi to Joyce, September 2005


Agnes Lake (Quetico) Eagle, July 2007

Canoe on Joyce Lake

Ho Ho

Ho Ho

Ho Ho

Ho Ho

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