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Peter and Matt at Fort - G. P.

Peter and Matt at GP sign

Tracking Central-2

Tracking Central-1

Flash and Zoom aka Peter and Matt

Lake One

Lake One

Lakee One to Lake Three

Lakee One to Lake Three

barrel with harness

blue barrel

BeaV on shore at Everglades finish

BeaV at finish

BeaV Award-EC-2016

Canoe in Snow

Challenge Group

Mzee-BeaV-Muddy Feet-Paddlin Joe

Mzee, BeaV, Muddy Feet

BeaV on Bottle Portage

BeaV near Bottle Portage

2017-Joel at Bottle Portage

2017 Mzee

2017-Mr. and Mrs. Voyager

2017 muddy feet finish

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