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Starting supper

Ray T grills brats

Old Salt's Halibut

Supper by Headlamp

Lake Macbride camp

Ben's Breakfast Creation

Portage down to the water

Lake Macbride Group Shot

Sunday Group

Michwall2 and son paddling Lake Macbride

Ray T and Ben H paddling Lake Macbride

Ray T

Ray T paddling on Lake Macbride

Kawishiwi Falls

Ahsub Lake

A little morning fog on Ahsub Lake from our June 2017 trip.

One Match Band and Kyla

Kevin watching Kyla

Jerry, Kyla and Amberly

One Match Band with Kyla Callan

Parlor City January 2017

Kicking back on Oyster Lake

Sun Setting on Gillis Lake

Bee on Aster

Supper by Head Lamp

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