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Horse River Buck 2006

This buck was more curious than scared. I got almost close enough to hit him with th epaddle.

North on the Little Indian Sioux

Josh and Brad set out to paddle the width of the BW

Do I really need all this stuff?

Starting a trip along the border lakes all the way to McFarland Lake

Fishing on Davis Pond

two bucks

Horse River whitetails

Horse River

Williamsons Island

Williamson Island Rock

Josh and Brad on the Little Indian Sioux

Firewood on Insula

My son Josh after finding a lightening shattered white pine on Insula.

September Morning on Horse Lake

Looking south from the island campsite on Horse Lake

Fire Lake Portage

The Fire Lake end of the portage trail



on the rocks

End of the portage

The end of the portage from Fourtown to Mudro, our last portage of the trip.

First Snow - September 29

We were hit with a snow shower just before lunch on September 29 on Lac La Croix

Portage to Mudro

Portage trail between Fourtown and Mudro, heading home

Snow on Fourtown

A snow squall races past our Fourtown camp site

Breakfast Guest

A gray jay helps himself to some oatmeal

Curtain Falls

Curtain Falls between Crooked lake and Bottle lake

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