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Vera Lake Campsite

Site 1243

morning fog

morning fog

30" plus northern

Landed by hand - Smoke

wood burner door

Fraser Island

interesting shoreline

unknown location

Interesting Rocks

undisclosed lake

Brownie on Yellowstone

Shayne and Guide Ben Jewell

Shayne's Brown Trout

Wife and Guide (Ben Jewell) Yellowstone River

Loons on Kek

Loon in shallow water

Me & Pete

Snowbank - start of trip to Thomas

Classic BWCA!

Trout on Thomas

first hit

dent vs frazee

turtle on pauness

LIS North


Upper Pauness

Loon charge

Loon on


MN Point

traveling Lac La Croix

Warrior Hill in the background

GeBe 119 campsite

GeBe 119 campsite

Overlook of the lake

Looking to the East on Jordan lake