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Malberg Basecamp (22 photos)

Wild River State Park

Snake Research Area

charging moose

kawishiwi river

Campsite 1050

on Kawishiwi River

Lady Slipper

Campsite 1050 on Kawishiwi River

Falls from Malberg

kawisihiwi river

Campsite on Malberg

campsite 1053?

turtle on Malberg

Turtle sunning

Eagle over Adams Lake

Eagle visit at our campsite

Adams Lake

I climbed the Mountain

Two Loons on Beaver Lake

Loons by portage to Adams

Loons on Beaver - we weren't the only "Loons"

Loons on Beaver near portage to Adams

River Lake

north end by upper falls

Upper Falls on River Lake (Kawishiwi

upper falls

Beaver Splash

On Boze Lake


Boze Lake on North end by big island

Louse River

heading towards Boze Lake

Camp on Malberg

Peter chillin at camp

Kawishiwi River

30 Smoke on First Pond after Polly on way to Koma

Kawashachong Lake

picture of the Pagimi fire area

Kawishiwi River

entering Kawashachong

Kawishiwi River

after the Beaver dam after Square


just after Square lake