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Summer 2008 (38 photos)

Not ripe blueberries


Charlies smallmouth

Charlie's Little Loon smallmouth

Heath's Smallmouth

Little Loon Smallmouth

Little Loon Walleye

Little Loon walleye

under the tarp during rain

Little Loon Under the tarp during rain

Bruce and Heath

Paddling down LIS

Looking up LIS

Looking up LIS

Charlie in a bug net

Charlie in a bug net

Veiw from under the tarp on Shell

Shell lake in the rain

Lynx Portage

Lynx Portage head

Rainy morning on Oyster

Campsite at Oyster in the rain

Oyster Northern

Bruce's northern on Oyster

sunrise on GEBE

Sunrise on Gebe

Heath's Northern

Heath's northern caught at Gebe

Gebe-on-e-quet firepit

Firepit at the recliner site

Morning sunrise

Morning Sunrise on Gebe-on-e-quet

Early sunrise on Gebe-on-e-quet

Early morning reflection on Gebe-on-e-quet

Bruce and Dave at the recliners

Brcue and Dave relaxing at the rock recliners on Gebe

Lily pad roots

Lily pad roots that had been chewed on by something

Finger Creek heading into Pocket Lake

Head of Finger Creek

Looking into Finger Lake

entering finger lake

Finger Creek

Finger Creek

into Finger lake

Paddling into Finger Lake

Wild Orchid ??

Wild Orchid along portage trail

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