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Bruce and Kim 2010 (48 photos)

Two Harbors Pier

Devil's Cascade 2

momma merganser and babies 2

Devil's Cascade

Bruce and Kim

Beauty and the Beast!

Looking back into Loon lake

Looking back into loonlake from the campsite in the river

Rained on Eureka


Merganser Moma and Babies 1

Rainy Thursday Morning

Beatty Portage Sign

Beatty Portage picot's 2

Kim loves chocolate pudding

Snow Bay

Calmness on Little Loon

Snow Bay Campsite

morning fog bank

Snow Bay Campsite

Protected cove

Beatty Portage Picto's

Beatty Portage

Foggy morning


Kim drifting a leech...

Tarp set up.

I like to put the tarp over the fire pit, this setup allowed me to so that easily. We just bungee it up when it is not needed!

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