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Snow Bay trip (42 photos)


Devil's Cascade Rolling

Canoe at Devil's Cascade

Devil's Cascade

Leaving camp!

leaving camp on the last day!

Tarp over camp table

tarp set up at camp

My walleye

biggest walleye of the trip!

Eagle about to land

Eagle headed to a tree

Flying Eagle

eagle flying from perch.

Eagle 1

Eagle sitting in a tree as we paddle by.

evening contemplation

me sitting by the fire just chilling!

Loon Pair

pair of loons that visited our cove

Preening Loon 2

Loon preening it's feathers

Preening loon

Loon Cleaning it's feathers

Rock Reflection

Kim's photo of a reflection of a rock!! Cool

Loon Preening itself

Loon Preening itself

View from Camp

looking across the bay from camp

Afternoon place of Respite...

Our afternoon hanging out place...

Me pumping more water

solo in the 18.5 pumping water

Around Camp

Picture of the tent and camp

Morning Coffee at the table

Morning coffee cooking and food on the table

Pumping water

me solo in the SR 18.5 pumping water for camp

Hitchhiker Dragonfly

rode with me almost a mile paddling out!

Kim taking pictures

around camp, Kim taking pictures in the evening...

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