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June 2006 Solo... (The Foot Trip) (34 photos)

Moose leg bones

Moose leg found at campsite

Boulder River Buck

Moose River nubbin buck

Weed choked Moose River

Arkansas Man, Kingfisher, and Yellowbird

My friends I met on the Canadian Border

Lac La Croix Sunrise

White Horses of Boulder Bay

Camp Garter Snake

Finally a walleye

Yet another big smallie by Amber

More Smallies

Monte and I finally get in on the action.

Another nice smallie by Amber

Nice Smallmouth caught by Amber

Monte holding a nice smallmouth caught by his wife

Lily pad flower on the Boulder River

Red Beast and the Beavertail

blue sky view from camp

New Dragonfly

Another visitor to camp one afternoon

Coffee cup lid after squirrels got through with it!

Squirrels chewed my coffee cup lid trying to get to sugar

View from camp, another angle

View from camp


Flower found near camp

Fungus growing on a log

This yellow fungus caught my eye as I walked through the woods looking to take pictures

Mushroom after the rain

Newly grown mushroom after a rain shower

Man's destructiveness

With plenty of firewood nearby someone still had to cut a live tree!!

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