Mother's Day 2009 (15 photos)

Froggy Morning of Paddle In

Rock Colors

Awesome colors on the way out in calm water.

Riverside Cliff

Lining a portage

Nice high water, no portages from Kawishiwi to Kawasachong - ran them on the way in, lined on the way out. Perfect!

World's Best Playground

Hand's down. (Ages 10, 9, and 7) Several trips under their belts.

Best Transportation Evah!

Two completely opposite boats, both have served our family well.

Morning Glass

Should be a calm paddle out.

Portable TP Holder

Perfect for latrine use, TP stays dry the whole time!

BW Tooth Fairy?

Lost a tooth up there, good thing the tooth fairy has wings!

Hey, the RAIN stopped!

Because the SNOW started!! Gotta be ready for anything in May.

Moose nuggets

On the path to the latrine - Kawasachong site. How appropriate, guess the moose didn't make it to the green throne!

Running a Beaver Dam w/napping kids!

See the two kids SLEEPING as dad paddles over the dam? They were still sleeping on the downstream side!

Captain Kiddos

Second BW trip where kids captained their own canoe. Bow paddler age 10 here (yes she has a life vest under fleece pullover!), stern paddler age 9.

lead guitarist

Pre-trip Family Pic

Getting ready to put in after a night at the Cliffdweller.