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Four Solos - 2008 (57 photos)

Immature Bald Eagle

Upper Pauness Lake

Lower Pauness Campsite

Ken's Tent

Lower Pauness Campsite

Steve's Tent

Lower Pauness Campsite

Jim's Tent

Lower Pauness Campsite

Beaver Tree

This was near the latrine on Lower Pauness


This was next to the latrine at Lower Pauness


Lower Pauness

Jim crossing the dam

Approaching Devil's Cascade Portage

From the Loon side. Notice the beaver dam

Lunch stop at the beach

on Loon Lake

Lunch on Loon Lake

We had just finished paddling into strong wind and waves.

Fall Portage



South Lake Campsite

Fall Colors - South Lake

Jim in the undercut

In the Undercut

Jim in the Undercut

Steep Lake Undercut

Steep Lake Rock

Steep Lake Rock Face

Jim - Eugene Lake Landing

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