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Bannock - Rush Lake June 2009 (32 photos)

Some kind of tree or shrub

They are spring up in the burn down areas.

Moose at the Take Out

The Moose Again

He was back again. Same place but on our take out day.

Iron Lake Campsite #7

Take Out Iron Lake

From the water's edge

Fish Fry

Fish Two

Another Rush Lake smallmouth

Fish One

Rush Lake Smallmouth

Rush Lake Spring

Coming right out of the rock

Two Otters

Jim fishing from shore

Jim Relaxing

This is the western most site on Rush Lake back in the bay


Jim paddling his Magic on Rush Lake

Banadad Campsite

A daytrip. This is the furthest east site

Rush/Banadad Portage

A Short portage with an old bridge. Watch out for nails

A Big Slug

on my tent

View from Fire Grate

Another wet portage

This is either the Little Rush or Skipper portage

Firepit Area

Southern Most site on Rush Lake

The Campsite

as seen from the hill

The Latrine

One of the new ones. Replaced because of the fire. A lot of brush

First Night Camp Set up

The southern most site on Rush Lake

Half way across the Rush/One Island Lake portage

The trail overlooks this bog

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