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Bannock Mudro Lake (14 photos)

Kevin and Harry

Junk on Fourtown

From an old Logging Camp

Ready to Bake

Fourtown Lake

Bog's Raingear

Steps of Chainsaw Sisters for J-Strokes Wedding


Fireplace on Fourtown. Wood supply and reflector oven

Wagosh Campsite

Bannock's tent and packs

Yeast Bread

Yeast bread baking in the reflector oven.

The Red Cup

Oreo Pudding -3 brown cups and one red.

Bannock Baking

Tending the fire and reflector oven

Harry at Put In

Kevin, Bogs, HP

Kevin, Bogwalker, and Harry at the Wagosh site

Bogs Cooking

Bogs cooking. This might be on Wagosh

Bogs at Put In

Bogwalker at the put in

Adam & Dad

Adam and his Dad paddle by our group