August 2006 (41 photos)

Fall is close

Leaves starting to turn on the Echo Trail on our way out.

LIS Exit Point

Got the boats and gear portaged up and was updating my journal waiting for Jeremy to do the 7 mile run to the car.

Paddling on LIS

Through lots of wild rice.

Eagle on LIS

Loon Lake

Sandy beach at the end of the Loon - Heritage portage.

Sioux Hustler Trail

Closer to the Loon side

Sioux Hustler Trail

between Pageant and Loon Lake.

White horses on Pageant

Sunrise at Pageant Lake

Pageant Lake

Trail into Pageant Lake

We made it!

Sioux Hustler Trail

between Range Line and Pageant Lake

Three Sentinels

That's a big tree. Picture doesn't do it justice

Range Line campsite

Right at the edge of the water.

Jeremy and fish

Threw most back in, but we didn't go hungry.

Range Line

from the campsite

Lucky Finn

Emerald Lake campsite

Emerald Lake campsite from the water

Hustler River bushwhack

Scouting a route somewhere between Posse and Lucky Finn

Hustler River

Poling tha kayak up the Hustler River. Yes, I'm standing in the kayak, poling it like a gondola.

White horses at Emerald

Morning fog at Emerald Lake


Hummingbird at Emerald Lake campsite.

Near Emerald

Scouting out the Sioux Hustler Trail to the east of Emerald Lake campsite

Emerald campsite

Can see the island to the west of site

Emerald campsite

looking south

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