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Meander to Ramshead feb 2009 (30 photos)

Forget it

Forget it

Cool Snow Formation on Meander Creek

Wolf Track - note size of grip

Doug with pulk

Meander Creek Feb 2009

Meander Creek

Whiskey Jack

Winter supper

A Dave Cave

Howl party and are they pissed!

Andrew heads back to camp

Relaxing on Ramshead

Putting my dogs up

Fishing is relaxing even in snow

Grand White Pine on Ramshead Lake Island site #1954

#1954 on Island on Ramshead Lake

Ranger "Ice" Box

Natural Christmas Tree in BWCA

TIP UP! Come on!

Ramshead Lake

Saw and Axe - Don't leave home without them!

The Party Tent by Wenzel

Snow Covered boulders at end of Meander Creek

Andrew thru the ice - second time

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