Gunflint Trail 2010 (73 photos)

Cherokee Lake photo #2

Cherokee Lake photo #1

Portage - Little Ham to Ham Lake

View from site #550 on Ham Lake

Portage from Cross River to Little Ham

A turtle sunning at Cross River

A wary rabbit

Beaver visit

Beaver visiting

Cabin #4 sitting area

Cabin #4 to deck

Cabin #4 Kitchen area

A great Sunset on Poplar Lake

Sunset on Poplar Lake

To Entry #64

Checking for the Emerald Ash Borer trap

Checking out a Emerald Ash Borer Trap

A road sign I wish I saw more of

Returning from walkway on Morgan Lake

Bow Partner checks out walkway to Morgan

Walkway on Morgan portage entry

Portage to Morgan lake

Ram Lake parking

sign to Bower Trout parking

Gunflint Notables

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