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Night Sky hammock

Hammock set up without tarp for star viewing.

Ottertrack Lake Camp

Campsite on Ottertrack

Hammock set up

Warbonnet hammock set up

Hammock 1

Screen clipped to seam of superfly tarp

Isabella Forecast Aug 24

Ely Forecast Aug24

MiO Energy

Scuba Boots

View of island in front of Camp

Gaskin Moose

Moose near Gaskin to Winchell portage

Ada Creek to Ada Lake portage

Morning Visitor

Loon swims by our Sawbill campsite early morning.

Cherokee Lake

Cherokee Creek


Grouse encountered on Cherokee Creek portage

Still Morning on Sawbill

Start of Cherokee lake day trip from Sawbill

The Rizt

Campsite on Sawbill

Homemade gravity filter

thanks GrandmaL!

Camp Kelso hazy sunset

Kelso river

Camp Kelso