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BSA Troop 409 Granite River 2022 (19 photos)

Journey's end

Bittersweet return to Civilization

Alpine Falls

Rayn cooling off at Alpine falls

View From the Palisades

Seagull Palisades

BWCA sunrise

Rayn and Gavin at sunrise

Eric's Walleye

Eric's Walley

Eric's Walleye

Eric's Walley


Ready for a night under the stars


Rewarding view for a lengthy daytrip

Cliff Jump

Cliff jumping on Jasper

Camp Blueberry


Supper on the Rock

Eric enjoy the view during supper


Eric and Gavin with a nice catch

Taking Shelter

Hanging out telling stories out of the rain

Fish Tacos

Fish Tacos


Gavin and Rayn contemplating the map

Gunflint Lake

The crew about to set out

Inreach Mini

Our trusy Inreach

Smooth Sailing on Magnetic Lake

Eric, Gavin, Rayn, and your's truly sporting the flying moose.