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Amazon gravity filter

Bag for water filter


Name that lake

Looking south

From the hammock

Landing Cherokee

Damm Family photo

day trip to Canada

Loaded canoes

All our gear for three adults and one child 10 day trip.

Detergent barrels

Bought from local laundromat

My island

Cherokee lake Jesus rock

Just me

First day 2015 trip South Temperance lake on the way to Cherokee

It's Me

Just getting going on south Temperance lake

Canoe seatback

From essex site

canoe seat

From Mohawk site

Tarp setup

Loaded truck

Butterfly joint

Sewn pluq

No sew pluq

Landing Fall Lake

my advantage at the start of the 4-mile truck portage from Fall Lake

Winchell Campsite

Very nice site on Winchell looking south

contest photo

Dante Northern

On Winchell right after super!

Popup trailer

not mine but want one!

Three generations

big fish

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