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First BWCAW canoe trip of 2012 for me (27 photos)

Dan Looking forward to next trip

Product testing

Permitted Foolishness?

Approaching weather

Blue Iris Seed Pods

Leaving Omega

Canoe ripples

Winchell calm broken by the canoes movement

Winchell ice waters

Ice and Water of Winchell's east end

Icy Omega

Ice on every south shore.

Omega Breakfast

Blue cozy is great, Simple meals Crux stove.

Morning Light

Omega Lights up in the Morning. Sun coming under a westward cloud deck

Looking back at weak ice

Looking back on where I fell through the ice

Weak Ice

First swim of the year in the BWCA

Stong ICE!

Well it was strong...

Omega ice obstruction

Ice challenge

Winchell to Omega Start

Sun shines on thwe Winchell end of the portage to Omega.

Mourning Cloak

Butterflies out the day the snow was gone

Wenonah Wilderness

Looking from Winchells outflow onto the lake where My Wenonah Wilderness awaits.

Redeye Burn

Taken from Misqua hills Winchell south shore, Gaskin tweaks through

Winchell Calm

Reflections made easy by April fools day calm

Lizz to Caribou

Step into the unknown below.

Ice on vista

Wave Splash ice.

Gaskin Campsite

Fresh Campsite on Gaskin March 31 2012

Portage trail!

Start of portage from Poplar to Lizz

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