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Winter Adventure Gaskin Lake (30 photos)


Sketchy ice!

titanium stove glowing in colors

New skis "floating" on the snow

Mike skiing down Horseshoe

Octagon Tent on Gaskin

Camp Chores Sawing wood

Starting out towards Jump lake

Gaskin to Jump Portage

Frosty ski Horseshoe Lake

Day Ski Allen Lake

Mike taking picture of open water on Jump to Allen

Open water at 11┬░below zero

Jump Lake Beaver Hogan

Gaskin to Jump Portage

Otter hole at start of Jump Lake portage

Cold Reality

Relaxing in the Octagon Tent

Swiss fondue crowd

Splitting wood

Frosty Swiss Wood Gatherer

mini ice cave

counting sleds

Some of the 13 sleds

Drifted over slush diversions

Drifted over slush diversions

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