Knife Lake 2014 (41 photos)

Knife Lake site 1436

Knife Lake site 1436, in a bay north of the big island

Pat's laker

Pat's first lake trout

Day 5 2014

day 5 2014

Day 4 2014

day 4 2014

Day 3 2014

day 3 2014

Day 2 2014

day 2 2014

Day 1 2014

day 1 2014

Dalen and Willy

Dalen having a blast helping drive the tow boat

pouring rain on Eddy

caught in a downpour on Eddy

netting smallie

netting another smallie

Dalen netting smallie

Dalen running the net on another smallie

tow ride in

view from top of the tow ride

boys paddling

Landon and Dalen paddling together for the first time


breakfast at brittons

2014 group

Landon, Steph, Dalen, Dean, Pat and Scott

Dean and the boys

looking over lake vera

campsite helpers

carrying wood to the pile

boys fishing

fishing from camp on lake vera

my crew

my crew at eddy falls

Dalen's turn

Dean netting a smallie for Dalen

Dean's Laker

one of many lakers we caught

Passing Time

Landon and Dalen playing a game of go fish

Steph and Landon

Landon had a blast catching smallies on wacky worms

Ribbon Rock

Took a few minutes and checked out the ribbon or "root beer" rock as the boys called it

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