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Wenonah Owie


Cat in Canoe




Stove3 Powermax Adapter

Stove 3 Adapter

Stove 2 burner


Lake Louise


list of Canadian Paddle destinations

Nylon Tape on other side held edges together.

I applied sealant to tear and spread with Q tip. Then left along 24 hours Next day I applied sealant to other side where tape was along the edges.

Nylon Repair Tape

Over 2 by 4 tear I put this over tear first, then turned tarp over to apply sealant to cut edges


Sil Net Silicone SEam Sealer Nylon Repair Tape Q tips to spread sealant

Bittersweet Lake Wilderness 2015

Camp site at Oberlien Lake

Bittersweet Lake Wilderness 2015

Kintla Ranger at Glacier NP

homemade canoe trailer

Large Crew

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