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Quetico Solo Trip 2013 (48 photos)

Wenonah Voyager with Portage Yoke-Quetico Lake

Burntside lake island campsite-FA3

Burntside lake island campsite-FA2

Burntside Lake island campsite-FA1

French Press

QPP Water Fall

Saw blades on BH portage

Voyager on Sturgeon Lake Beach

Strugeon Lake Beach pic

Sturgeoan Lake Beach

Cozy campsite on Sturgeon Lake-QPP

CCS 30L Barrel Harness

Quetico Portage mudhole

Inside view of dilapidated barge on Bent Pine Creek

Looking north from the south of Sturgeon Lake

Looking north from island campsite on south end of Sturgeon Lake

Results of a broken Beaver dam.

Abandoned Beaver Lodge

Voyager launching in the morning Mist on Jesse Lake

Suncatcher's HEET stove

Thirty-four foot waterfall from Conk Lake to Quetico Lake

Conk Lake to Quetico Lake waterfall

Burntside Lake campsite-Quetico

Gray skies over Burntside Lake-Quetico

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