Quetico Paired Solo Trip-June 18-June 24, 2016 (63 photos)

Landing at the top of Bald Rock Falls-QPP

Wenonah Voyager-Cache Bay QPP

Kawnipi Lake campsite

Location of our lay-over day campsite on Kawnipi Lake

My North Face Tadpole 23 at kawnipi Campsite

My Wenonah Voyager at Kawnipi campsite

Kawnipi Campsite

Site of our lay-over day on Kawnipi

Canoe42's hammock on Kawnipi Lake

Compromised rigging on our lay-over campsite on Kawnipi Lake

Silver Falls from the Top

Looking down Silver Falls from Cache Bay

Pinned canoe in Kennebas Falls

Some unfortunate paddler's pinned canoe wedged in Kennebas Falls

Sunny Bald Rock Falls

Sun shines on Bald Rock Falls on our return to Saganaga Lake

Kennebas Falls

Kennebas Falls pours into Kawnipi Lake

Falls approach

Canoe42 approaches the portage near the falls

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