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Summer 2009 Road Trip (10 photos)

Grand Canyon of PA

Pine Creek canyon at the park.

Monument to the CCC workers

Leonard Harrison State Park at Grand Canyon of PA

#15 Moosefest Bennington, VT

Captain Jack Mooso

Moosefest #14 Bennington, VT

"Ziggy the Hippy-Pot-O-Moose"

Moosefest 2009 Bennington, VT

Moose Scoops at Stewart's Shop, Main Street

Portage sign in Adirondack Park, NY

I guess in NY a portage is called a "canoe carry"

Typical Algonquin portage sign

Portage trails in Algonquin Provincial Park are marked with these rather ugly signs

Old burn off TransCan Highway 11

Typical old burn along TransCanada 11. The landscape gets very old after a few 100 miles

Blue berry pancakes

Finally we find BB's at Rushing River Provincial Park. Yes, a BWCA.com hat on my head

Missinaibi River Voyageur

Voyageur monument at Mattice, Ontario (TransCan 11)