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Kruger Challengers 20200916 9:30pm

Kruger Challengers 20200915 11:45am

Kruger Challengers 20200914 11:30am

Kruger Challengers 20200913 1:30pm

Kruger Challengers 20200912 4pm

Jesse prepping the print

Close Up Detail of Laser Etched BWCA Map

Laser Etching Underway

Finished Map!

Laser-Etched Canoe Country Map

Granite River Picto Location

Granite River Picto2

Granite River Picto1

2019 Kruger Challengers

Photo by GrandmaL

Actual Flying Moose

New Site Logo?

The Challenge Begins

Kelso and Nordstjernen about to start from Sha Sha Resort.


Schedule for Kruger Challenge



Beavs team2

Beav and Kendra

Beavs team1

Peter and Matt at Lake Superior

Peter and Matt Finish Photo - I-Falls to GP in 98 hrs