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Slim Lake (39 photos)

On the Road Again!

Big Load (23 feet)

Our junker tripping car looks small with this boat on top.


Do you see the minnows?

Last Portage

End of trip and I'm still smiling because we just made some more awesome memories.

Last Portage

Last Portage

Last Portage

Going Home


I was not real sad to leave this site. (Only open site.) It was one of the dirtiest. Not litter but ashes EVERYWHERE!

Going Fishing

Couldn't quite get all 23' feet of the MN IV on the photo.


Maria would stand on this rock and slide down the slope.

Bird Friend

The Race

Race rules were you had to run without bending your knees. I'm so glad my kids are creative. Never a dull moment with this group.

Queens of the Hill.

Just for fun!

Cleaning fish.

Double Rainbow

After the Storm


We got one...and let it go of course.

Another Idea

The twins decided they wanted to catch a painted/sand turtle. They wired the top open and then tied a piece of jerkey to the bottom of the net.

Seconds for Tony



The girl tied some jerky on piece of fishing line and then waited for "Tony" the snapper turtle to bite it and when he did they pulled him in.

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