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EP 33 - Two Kids Under 7 Tackle the BWCA (9 photos)

Small Pike

It is only a hammer handle but better than getting skunked!

Day Two Camp Fire

Mom and the kids enjoy some smores before bed.

Day Two Chillin'

The six year old roams around the campsite.

Day Two Lunch

We enjoy some lunch with two chipmunks.

The Infamous Bluegill

The six year old shows off the bluegill a few minutes after it escaped the clutches of a hungry northern pike.

Sunset Cigar

Mom and I enjoy the sunset. Nothing like a cigar and some Crystal Light Vodka!

Six Year Old Fishing

The six year old doing what she loves best!

First Day Swim

What a beautiful day for a swim!

First Day Lunch

We relax for lunch after finding our campsite