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snow geese 2014

Snow Geese


Tent time!

Our tent

Mourning Down

Sad to have another coat lost....

Northern Lights

Aurora Borealis WCPP style

Fire on the ice

Celebrating our final night...

Got wood?

Our first wood pile...

View from the Loo!!!

View of Douglas Lake


A coat for your butt


Decoy couldn't wait to fly home

Fishing from Camp

Fishing and waiting for the floatplane

Olga Hat

June 1st, in a winter hat

High Buck Mittens

Mike stayin' warm


Mike has his fish, and his bait!

Walleyes on Glenn

Chris' first walleye on Glenn

Optic Falls

Jenny and Chris post bushwhacking

Bear and ?Boat

Spying Mike and Paul

Bear and ?Boat

Checking out the spawning walleyes from the boat

Bear and ?Boat

Bear going fishing...



Catching Fish

Fishing rapids on Glenn

Waiting in camp

Decoy waiting for Mike

Airplane Ride

Jenny & Paul


Ice on portage in late May WCPP

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