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Quetico, June 2009; In Bottle - Brent - Darky - Minn ( (35 photos)

2009 Quetico trip route

Loon River tight spot

Beatty Portage

Beatty Portage Rates

Back to Zup's on Lac La Croix.

Black Robe portage pickkup.

Waiting it out . . . Minn L.

Batten down the hatches, Minn L.

Begins to blow, Minn Lake

Grounded gull, Minn Lake

A cigar and some Yukon Jack end a great day.

Our neighbors fishing, Darky Lake

Penthouse view, Darky L.

Smallmouth on topwater, Darky L.

Soup's on, Darky Lake.

What's cookin? Darky L.

Put-in after 1st portage w/o William on river

Darky R. west of Wm. L.

William, ready to head to Darky R.

Lunch is served, William Lake.

William Lake turtle

Ferns, William Lake

What's cookin? Brent Lake

Brent view from snack break site.

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