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BWCA Frost River Solo Trip, June 1996 (22 photos)

22-Day 6 Last portage Sawbill L.

21-Day 6 Glacial erratic

20-Day 6 Kelso L.

19-Day 5 Stormy Mesaba L.

18-Day 5 Moose watchers Whipped L.

17-Day 4 Sunset Little Sag.

16-Day 4 Little Sag camp view

15-Day 4 Entering Little Sag.

14-Day 4 Old log dock Mora to Little Sag

3-Day 3 Mora Lake camp

12-Day 3 Frost River

11-Day 3 Beaver dam blowout

10-Day 3 Moose jaw

09-Day 2 Moose closeup Frost L.

08-Day 2 Frost L. moose & beach

07-Day 2 Gull Rock Frost L.

06-Day 2 Unload L.

05-Day 2 Gordon L.

04-Day 2 Ready to go

03-Camp 1 critters

02-Camp 1 Cherokee L.

01-Day 1 Entering BWCA Sawbill L