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Addie, January 2023

The crew QPP trip July 2001

Waiting for check-in at Prairie Portage - H Johnson photo

Puffin on snow pile

Puffin atop pile of snow which fell Dec 13-14, 2022

Meal prep Quetico July 2001

Dinner almost ready

Haggart Lake entry Woodland Caribou

Fly-in entry to Haggart L for Woodland Caribou PP 2006

Addie waiting to get in

Addie jumping in to Solo14

Quetico campfire

Quetico campfire

Dry Falls spring hike

Dry Falls Bass L off Echo Trail

At Fisherman's Hideout in Cornucopia

map w/Hurlburt Lake Campsite

W side above little feeder stream on map

Early morning on Silence Lake Quetico

Breakfast campfire at campground in Sylvania Wilderness

Selfie w/ Darryl

Finallly! in camp Quetico 2010

With husband Darryl on last Quetico trip together, July 2010

Finally! in camp after a long, hot day

County Rd 2 on way to Ely

Moon over North Bay, QPP

tufted puffins

Sunrise out my window

Woodland Caribou moonlight

Quetico Kahshahpiwi L bedded down

Hurricane Laura "cartoon"

A whopper

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