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Calcifer's first BWCA trip

Calcifer's first BWCA trip with my then 13 year old son and 20 year old daughter.

Calcifer sleeping with the kids

Calcifer on his favorite perch.

My daughter in the prow, on Little Indian Sioux River

North Bay Brule campsite

Our tent pitched at the North Bay site on Brule 2 October's ago. We got about 4 inches of snow the next morning. Ignore the date stamp, my camera is stupid.

Calcifer protecting me from the beavers on my solo (with dog) hiking trip in September.

It was cute when he was 20 pounds, now that he's almost 60 pounds I am curious how sleeping on the pack is going to go.

Calcifer's first trip, he thinks he would like a s'more.

Calcifer in a rare moment of lying still in the bottom of the canoe.

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