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Tuscacora to Big Sag (16 photos)

The Day Before

We should have guessed, judging by these clouds, that the next day was gonna storm bad

Lil Hanson Falls

There is a small bit of waterfall on the Hanson / Knife portage

Sandy Landing

Portage from Hanson to Knife Lake

Matt on Lil Sag

This is the shot right before I dumped my camera in the lake

Evening Ogish

Just a shot of Ogish as the sun was setting


It's like corn on the cob... except completely different

Cooking the Fish

Fish on a Stick

Cloudy Ogish

Our lay-over day on Ogish was spotty overcast and clear

Ryan Leap

I claim this particular small cliff (Agamok Bridge) as Ryan Leap

Agamok Bridge

The bridge in the middle of nowhere on the crossing of the Agamok portage and the Kekekebek trail

Mora Portage

End of the portage from Tarry into Mora Lake

Mora Lake View

We grew up in the town of Mora so we HAD to visit Mora Lake. The lake is prettier.

A Gray Jay in Hand

This is worth at least 2 in the bush

CHUB Lunch

Gopher cutting cheese and chub for lunch

Missing Link Lake

Missing Link Portage

Canned Ham pic by the Wilderness Sign between Round and Missing Link Lakes