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The 1st Big Trip (19 photos)


Matt's foot after the rock slide

Matt's Foot

Some rocks slid and crush Matt's foot. It was my fault.

Gopher Cooking

Goph cooking lunch on Big Sag

Big Sag Camp

Our last camp on Big Sag

Big Sag

Gopher gutting fish on Big Sag

Ester Lake

Ester Lake paddling.

Hanson Sunset

Hanson Lake

Left to Right: Gopher, Matt and me (RT)

Portage Camp

Our camp on the Ashdick Lake portage.

Moose on Swamp L.

Matt's Foot


The island Matt got his foot hurt on and our rental Wenonah

Matt on Big Sag

Day 1 on Big Sag

Matt's Foot

Matt's Foot

Bag Sag