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Thunder Point Loop (26 photos)


Goph on Knife on a drizzly morning.

The Big Cock

Us in Two Harbors

Grand Marais

Sailboats in GM bay

View over Seagull

Me, Gopher and Matt

Seagull Site

Seagull Munks

Alpine Lake Camp

Burned Toilet

Ogish Lake

Ogish Camp

Middle of Ogish

Me, Gopher and Matt

Barter Lake Spider Web

Barter Lake Camp

Evening on Knife

Eddy Falls

Knife Lake Sail

Knife Lake

Drizzly morning on Knife Lake

Tornado of Feet

30 minutes before Gopher was up because of a mouse.

Calm Morning

The water and sky on Ottertrack Lake. Super calm.

Ottertrack Camp

Morning on Ottertrack

Ben Ambrose

The plaque on Ottertrack Lake.

Monument Portage

Me (RT), Gopher and Matt

Sag Swamp Narrows

Pushing Off

Goph and Matt as we load into the Seagull Tow-boat

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