The Super Loop (23 photos)

Wisini Lake



Monument Portage

Back: Gopher and Me Front: Donnie and Matt

Last Camp

Site on the North side of Knife Lake


Going for a swim at the portage into Knife Lake

Carp Lake Camp

Cooking up dinner in camp


I made a friend

A Loon

Ensign Lake Camp

Matt and Donnie in the BG

Matt and Donnie

Rock Beach

Damn Seagulls


GeoCache Bear

Strup Lake

Breakfast on Keke

Hanson/Knife Portage

Gopher on the portage from Hanson to Knife Lake.

Ester Hanson Narrows

Camp 1

The First camp just past Monument Portage on Ottertrack Lake.

On Big Sag

Matt and Donnie in the Ram-x canoe

The 1st Day

This was the sky when we began our trip.