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The Year of Rain (28 photos)

Kayak's Suck

Don't bring a kayak to the BW if you dont have a portage yoke for it

Jump 2

Jump 2

Wisini Jump


Matt, Gopher and Me

Grand Marais

Kayak Cliffs

Matt in the Kayak on Ottertrack Lake

Boat Lunch

Eating jerkey before deciding to head back to Seagull Outfitters

Alpine Lake

Our morning on Alpine before heading for Seagull Lake

Alpine Tarps

Our tarp shelter on Alpine Lake

Alpine Lake Camp


Keke Ponds Stream

Hail on Wisini

Wisini Camp


The aproaching stom on Wisini

Lunch Nap

Taking a napping lunch on Wisini Lake

Wisini Jump


Tarp Shelter

Matt crouching under our tarps to get out of the rain

Tiny Portage

A 2-rod portage on Knife

Doe on Knife

Doe on Knife

Filling Water Bottles

Gopher watering up

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